Cross *him* off the list!

Did I mention that “no means no?” and other rants on respect


Caution: Rant Ahead

To the guy who keeps sending me messages asking if I want to see his penis piercings:

How many effing times do I need to say no?

I know you’re trying to market your schlong and all, and somehow you think that if I would just.take.the.time. (sigh) to look at your member, I wouldn’t be able to resist…

Oh. hmm. Yeah. Sorry.  Classic blunder.  Always know your demographic before you go blindly wasting your marketing dollars.

I am a woman of quality and character. I also carry around this thing I call self respect.

I am not interested in your member–or any other body part for that matter. I am not concerned with what’s in your wallet or what brand of car you drive.

I want to know how much character you have, if you are a man of quality, if you have self-respect.

I have the answers to those questions, because you have proven that 100% of your value is wrapped up in people you don’t know looking at a picture you took down your pants.

Move on, little boy.  Find somebody else to play “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

And maybe, if I can offer a tip, next time, you might take the time to get to know a woman before you go offering pictures of your weenie.  Funny thing: women like to be talked to as people.

Alternately,  you could try a 900 number.  At least they’re paid to pretend to care about your little friend.


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