Spinster Sass

Reflections from the Nairobi Zoo

Reflections from the Nairobi Zoo


Male lions eat first, followed by lionesses, then cubs.
If you ask me, the lions have figured out that system.
Especially since the lioness does all the work.
The male just struts around looking powerful
and handsome
and letting out a roar when things aren’t going right.

Much like human males.

The leopard, on the other hand, has really got it figured out.
The female leopard raises her young on her own,
which, really, I think, is the way
it always ends up happening anyway.

Oh, sure, you meet the rare male
who’s interested in a family and children.
But I’d venture a guess
that when midlife crisis hits,
he trades it all for a sports car.

No, I think the leopards have got it right.
Just forego the male from the get-go.
Don’t bother yourself with pretending he’s interested
and do it on your own.

After all, it’s the way nature intended it.


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