526 Reasons Why I'm Not Married

Reason #525: Men’s single-mindedness

Reason #525 Why I’m not married

 “I know where the looks come from in your family,” said my dad’s colleague when we ran into him at breakfast recently.

 And so it goes.

 Before you go getting all jealous because men think I’m beautiful– let me tell you this: it’s a liability.

 Men are single-minded.

 (I’m telling you something amazingly new, aren’t I?)

 And so, if you are beautiful, that’s all you are.  A pretty plaything they’d like to possess.

 Although I suppose if men consider you unattractive, they will find some other attribute about you that they want to possess.  Remember? Men are single-minded.

 Stupidly, naively, over-optimistically, because I saw too many Disney movies as a kid, I thought just one would see beyond the cute exterior– to a kind, intelligent, capable woman.

 Remember how I said I was naive?

 These are not attributes of any import to a man.

 I’m being harsh, you say?

Well, here’s my proof:

In the days when I was both naive enough to believe a man could care about my personality AND that I would find a man who valued my personality, I joined one of those online dating sites.

 I was very articulate in my quest for an intellectual type. I think I said something like “If you don’t know the difference between Tchaicovsky and Dostoyevsky, we’re not right for each other.”

 The response?

 u r cute.  Wanna go 4 a ride on my 4 wheeler sometime?

 He was one of two or three or eight dozen who sent me the same kind of response.  Didn’t get past the photo.  Didn’t care to read the description.  Just wanted to ride the package.

 And there it is, Men’s single-mindedness: Reason # 525 why I’m still single.


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